We process an average of 1.5 successful immigration applications per week. We would like to extend our gratitude to our happy and satisfied clients, many of whom have become friends.

The best po ang Alcantara consultancy services!👍👍👍 Thank you po for all your help and everything! very happy 😄
Maya S. | 14 March 2017


Nelly de N. | 24 February 2017


Many thanks Mr. Gene😊
Asuncion C. | 6 February 2017


Thank you Gene for all your help. 😊 God bless you always
Airiemel M. | 6 February 2017


Thank you sir Gene for helping my family! Hope to see you soonest.
David A.  | 24 October 2016


Thank you Lord for the Blessing I received today…its an early Christmas gift for my family🙏🙏🙏. A massive thanks to Sir Gene Alcantara, he helped a lot to get this blessing… God bless us all👍👍👍
Joey R. | 25 October 2016
Congratulations and thanks too, to ENFID Chair Gene. for the very warm welcome and kindness!
Luz T. | 13 September 2015 


… Just want to thank ACS ( Alcantara Consultancy Service ) once again for all ur help… Next application is on the way… thank u ACS
Kristeta O. | 11 August 2015


Thank you po 🙂
Marivic S. | 5 December 2014


Thanks for your assistance, life will turn to a Better, Brighter life for ever…thanks Gene!
Puring Q. | 23 November 2014


Yes! Congratulations and more success to the Alcantara Consultancy.. Your services for our community are simply the best. A very big thank you for helping me too. We got the right result in court.
Adeline C. | 20 November 2014


Alcantara Consultancy is the best!!!! [My case] was so complicated and you sorted it out, thank you so much for your help
Veronica C. | 19 November 2014


Thank you Gene sa lahat ng tulong ma sa sister ko at sa husband ko. Thank God for that. May God bless you and your family.
Maryjane B. | 11 October 2014


Congrats Mr Gene for the job well done at congrats tetay inuman na extra po ako dyan hehehe… sa mga taga irchester at Wellingborough sugod na po kayo blowout time na…
Ana R. | 11 October 2014


Long time for waiting at least natapos din ang pag-aalala and I hope na sa anak ituon ng pagayos ng papeles bagopa mag-18 si iza. Congrats and god bless specially to Mr. Gene Alcantara, well done.
Erlinda F. | 11 October 2014


God bless Mr n Mrs Alcantara in everything you do to help others
Lily C. | 20 September 2014


Brilliant!!! Absolutely Marvelous!! Alcantara Consultancy Service comes to the rescue yet again!!!! Well done!!!!
Joveet B. | 19 September 2014


Thank you very much Sir Gene for the great service..
Ottavio D. | 3 June 2014


Congrats to sir Kuya Gene Alcantara. And to all Alcantara’s consultancy staff well done, great job, finally we got our success – WINNERS! GOD BLESS US ALWAYS. More success to you! SEE YOU SOON!!!
Tiffany De B. | 5 February 2014


Wow congrats sir Kya Gene Alcantara, lots of blessings success thank you for doing all your best to help us. Godbless you more… see you on Wed next week to pick up my ILR!! Good job Kuya Gene our success is your success too.
Tiffany De B. | 1 February 2014


Thank you Gene. Your good office “Alcantara Services Ltd, Immigration Law Practitioner” did a great job. You guys made a big change in my life and opened a door for great opportunity and better future. God bless and more power!
Joy C. | 20 November 2013


Wow ang galing. The best ka talaga Mr Gene…Congrats!
Dante M. | 20 November 2013


We are delighted that our application was processed so quickly. Very professional at the same time very empathetic consultant you are. Your one in a million. Surely, I will recommend your firm to my friends. Until we meet again. 5 years later.
Jean G. | 26 October 2013


Gene, thanks for the courteous and professional service. We couldn’t be happier and are so relieved that we can finally carry on with our lives as normal.
Nikos & Jean G. | 25 October 2013


We are delighted that our application was processed so quickly. Very proessional at the same time very empathetic consultant you are. You’re one in a million. Surely, I will recommend your firm to my friends. Until we meet again. 5 years later 🙂 Again, thank you very much. God bless you.
Jean E. | 25 October 2013


I recommend Mr. GENE ALCANTARA sa mga kababayan na tin nanan dito po sa London. Magaling po na immigration adviser. Once again SIR GENE ALCANTARA THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Ella G. | 20 October 2013


Thank you!!!  My brother’s visa was accepted and he is now coming to the UK… I and my two children are now celebrating in the heat of the hot Philippines… Thank you, brother, you really are a blessing for us… God Bless you!!!
Mary Jane D. | 5 July 2013

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